Richard's "the great knight"

Sunday, October 26, 2008
In a small town called smallville, a little boy named Richard was sitting down on his front porch, just thinking about his sick mother and also about how he misses his family being so complete. Richard was only twelve years old when his father and his baby sister was taken away by the dragon. On the age of thirteen he was getting ready to fight the big fire breathing dragon to get back his father and his baby sister. To get ready for the fight of his life, it will take a lot of training and also a lot of time. So he thought ," What if i ask the Wizard for help? I can ask for a potion that can help me get stronger and abilities to be quick and smarter. But where could i find this mysterious wizard".

One day Richard was walking along the woods looking for fresh berries for his sick mother, as he usually does. He saw a big mansion and he was so curious that he just had to come and see who the new neighbour was in this small town. Richard walked toward the front door and doorbelled, a big mascular man came and answered the door. The man asked ,"What are you doing here? " I didnt come here to do any harm. My name is Richard and I live around here, you must be new here, I'm just here to welcome you. Smallville is a quiet and a peaceful town. Sorry for the interruption i should be really going now. It was nice meeting you". Richard was getting scared by the footstep he was hearing coming down the stairs. "I guess its not only him that lives in this place", he whispered to himself. "Whos there Albert?" An old man yelled out. Albert, the mascular man said ,"oh its just this kid welcoming us". Richard said "Hi sir, my names richard, sorry for the interruption i really should be going now, im sorry again bye." "Richard your not interrupting anything, its very nice of you to come and welcome us. Most children these days would just throw eggs at this place and think its a haunted house. " Well sir, i guess im not like those kids these days, i have more things to worry about than to wonder around and do immature things. " Richard replied. "Oh sir , do you happen to know where i can find the wizard. I am in need of a potion that can help fight the big fire breathing dragon" Richard added. "Oh is it your lucky day or what , well i think it is because i know where the wizard is, because the wizard is right here standing right in front of you" the wizard said. "Sir i am so confused. Are you saying that your the wizard?" Richard asked. "Yes indeed, i am the great wizard and may i ask why you would want to speak to me?"the wizard asked. Its beause i need help with gettin back my father and my baby sister, but I need the strength and all the ability to kill the dragon in order to do so. "Well i can help you but theres just one problem i can't give you the potion just like that, i need you to help me answer these two math questions. What is 10 + (-9) = ??? and 8 + (-6) + (-7)=??? ," the wizard said. "Let me think for a while" richard said. "Hmm, i remember my teacher talking about this, when you have a negative it means your owing and if its posotive thats means your gaining. So, i gain ten and owe nine , which gives me one. I gain eight and owe six and owe seven, which gives me negative five. I know the answer 10 + (-9)=1 and 8 + (-6) + (-7)= -5 ," Richard added. "Yes that's correct and now i shall make a potion for you. AshkalaBUMbumBOOOOMBOOMpoot, the wizard whispered. Heres your potion young man, drink it and you'll be as powerfull as a great knight. To this day forward you are now a man with great power, use it wisely" the wizard said. "

Thank you very much sir, now i should go and find the dragon, bye for now" Richard said. The next day Richard got ready for the biggest fight of his life. On that day he went in to the dragons cave on top of the mountain .Richard saw the dragon. When he got to the top of the mountain he took a deep breath and charged to the dragon and stabbed the dragon in the heart deeply. Richard came running to his baby sister and his dad. They hugged and went back home happily and safe.

to be continued....


  1. sutchaisana 8-41 said...

    Hey Richard! I see you have no comments. Haha, well, I need to comment on somebody's story, so I'll comment on yours. Good job! I think your story needs some pictures though, and you should fix up some grammar. But otherwise, great effort!

    November 2, 2008 at 9:12 PM  

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