Breann's " The Great magicians"

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Today was the dig day we had to go perform for this math festival. The festival was on integers but the magician did not know what to do. For the first performance he had a box in the box was a question, he called a person from the audience. He told the girl to open the box and out popped the question (-8)+(-8)=?. He didn't know what it was so he asked the audience what it was .... one guy had said -18 and some other guy said -19 but the answer was -16. So They guy was not right he also though it was -18 so the magician said that he had to go. He left to go to another math convention but this one was only for younger kids. He had 2 doors out of no where so he called one of the younger kids to add positive integers . (+8)+(+6)=? The younger kids thought of it as money as you have 8 dollars and you get 6 for allowance. And all the kids that answered had it right if they had though of it that way. But there was something wrong when they answer that question the other door opened. He asked for another volunteer. He had picked one of the older kids this time so he used a negative and a positive. (-7)+(+7)=? so he asked the kid he said 1 the magician told him no sorry that is not the answer. The next people he asked where all right they all had said (0).but the surprise for the kid was another question he had to answer so he passed it on to one of the middle aged kids they didn't know about integers yet so they had no clue what they where doing . The question was (-2)+(2)=? he had said one answer right away he had said (0) and he was right so the school got a prise the prise for the school was a program that only ahead programmers have . But the magician did not enjoy doing the four questions Because one of the questions he did was not right . He met a child after the show the child said "Hi how are you i just wanted to ask you a question?" i said OK. The child asked "Did you want to make the questions hard or was it not your decision because you are a magician that they just got picked ?" well i told her it really wouldn't be a magic trick if i had told you. I also said are those to easy or to hard because the questions are just popped in my head then i use magic and use them ? The child said well they are to easy and that you should do questions like this...... (9)+(7)=? (25)+(79)=? . Those questions are harder to do than those little questions she looked at me and said i thought you dont reveal youre secrets, but you already did.


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