Scribe post for october 30

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Hey guys, the first thing we did in class was the 10 question integer quiz, then we started a new unit book, but that doesnt mean were done with the yellow one, we'll come back to it later.



No more training PANTS

Green book-1st pg. ( Mr.H asked to do the first 3 questions )

1) 6+8=14


3) 15-2=13

In standard form we combine integers.

For 3) just imagine it like this--> (+15)+(-2)=13

Have 15, Owe 2 =13

By the way if you have noticed, THERE IS NO AND!

So, Mr.H told us to do it like this -> 15-2=+13

WELL.. I think that's it because i cant think of anything else to put on this soo, yeaah . Buh-Byee! (:


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