Maple Heroes : The Story of Josh, The Last Sniper

Friday, October 24, 2008
As a young boy i was trained as a marksman at Athena Pierce's academy. I was top in my class. I only tried my best because I was always trying to impress this girl in my class. Her name was Yukino. As years went by we became close friends. Both her and I were top Marksmen. We both got ranked as Snipers because of our high accuracy.

One day her and I were patrolling the down and a band of Shinobi and a band of infighters and Night Lords came. The people who could fight came to defend. All our best Fighters, Spear men, Crusaders, Dragon Knights, Dark Knights, Heroes, and White Knights. We had held them back while our town could flee. I noticed that Yukino had disappeared. Ever since I have not seen her since.

3 Years Later.

I was now a top General in our clan. One of the best snipers. Ever since 3 years ago I've had my scouts looking for Yukino. Finally one day we heard this rumor that she was leading a clan of Assassins, Hermit's, Chief Bandit's, Night Lord's, and infighters. So I decided to make this my mission to find her. We set out with a small group of some of our finest maplers in our clan. Vincent as our Priest, Liem the Dragon Knight, Kevin the Crusader, and Carlo as a Ice Lightning Mage.

Our scouts said that they saw her at a camp near Kerning City. We had set out into Sleepywood. We would go to through Ellinia, Perion, and then make it into Kerning through a secret entrance. We would have to be quick because Kerning City was where mostly all of the Nightlords and Pirates lived. As we set off, a Fairy aproached us. It's name was Nana of Ellinia. It told us if we answered this question right she would guide us through Sleepywood. Her question was a question on integers. The question was, " what is (-10) + (+60) - (+10)". Carlo quickly answered, " +40". Nana said, " you are correct I will guide you through Sleepywood.

We got to the edge of the forest where the gate from the end of Sleepywood going into Period lies. We stopped at the gate and something didn't feel right. Liem walked over to the gate slowly and all of a sudden two gate keepers apeared. Liem jumped back and one of the gate keepers said, "If you try to pass us without answering our question we will have to use full force to stop you. If you answer our question correctly we will let you pass. If you answer incorrectly one of you wont make it alive. Turn back now or take our chances, after you hear the question you have to answer. Do you want to hear the question?" I stepped out without hesitation and said, " give us the question we must get past here." One of the gate keepers said, " Very well, the question is what is (+40) - (+20) + (+50)?" I answered, "+70." The gatekeepers slowly faded away and the gate started to glow. We walked through and then we ended up right near Perion.

We walked into Perion. We saw a glowing chest. Vincent yelled, "oh my goodness that chest is of the Ossyria Gods, almost anything could come out of it". I said, " Well what are we waiting for lets go open it." I walked over to it and there was a question on it. The question was, "(+25)+(-25)." I said, "I know the answer, it is 0". The chest opened and there was a scroll inside. The scroll was a scroll to Kerning City. We used the scroll and were teleported to Kerning City. The last thing we had to do was find Yukino and her clan.

We searched all around Kerning City asking people if they knew but everytime we would ask they would run away. That was until we saw this little boy. He said he knew exactly where it was. We told him to show us the way but he said only if we helped him with his homework. Liem said, " Look kid we need to get our mission done we dont have time to help you with your homework". The boy said, " Fine it was only one question but ill be on my way". Carlo quickly pushed Liem aside and said, "Wait we will help you with your homework as long as you show us the way there after. The boy said, "Ok. The question is, what is (- 63) - (- 63) + (+63). We thought and we came to a decision that it was +63. We told the boy our answers and then he said, " Follow me and hurry". He lead us to the other side of the city. It was dark and gloomy. All of a sudden we saw the clan and there was Yukino standing right there.

The End of pt 1 of Maple Heroes : The Story of Josh, The Last Sniper.


  1. Vincent 8-17 said...

    YO I LOOK SO KOOL =P@!!!!

    October 26, 2008 at 5:52 PM  

  2. Kevin 8-17 said...

    Nice job man! Everything is good but I think you just need a few photos, besides that it is great. The story is good too!

    November 2, 2008 at 9:33 PM  

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