Bino's Quest

Friday, October 24, 2008
A guy named Bino was walking down the street, when he fell in a hole and landed in this really weird place. In this place Bino shrunk as small as an ant. Everything in that place were 20 times as tall as Bino. After Bino explored the place he saw a boy just as small as him, his name is Ted.
"How do you get out of this place," Bino asked.

" The only way you can get out of this place is if you find the King who owns this place and answer the questions he's going to ask you, the questions he's going to ask you are about integers," Ted said.
" Why do I have answer to math questions," Bino asked.

" If you don't then you will never ever get out of this place," Ted said.

Bino followed a map that Ted gave him to find the King. Finally, Bino found the King.

" Why are you here" the King asked.

" I want to get out of here," Bino said.

"I will only set you free if you answer these questions correctly," the King said.

" Ok ", Bino said.

"Here is your first question," sthe King said.

Using a number line, what is the total of (+10)+(+3). Bino said that the answer is +13.

Then the King said," That is correct, but now it's time for the next question."

"Bring it on," Bino shouted.

If the temperature starts at 20­°C, drops 6°C, rises 21°C, drops 4°C and gains 8°C. How would you write that as an expression involving integers? What is the total of this expression?

"The answer is +39," Bino said.

" That is correct, here is the next question," the King said.

You start with $300, then you earn $130, spend $120, earns $100 and spends $35. What is the sum of the money you've spent and earned?

"The answer is $245," Bino said.

"That is correct, wow I'am impressed, but we are not done yet. Here is your next question," the King said.

What is the total of (+15)+(-4)? You must answer this question with algebra tiles or else you will get it wrong.

" The answer is +11," Bino shouted.

"Very impressive, you do know your math, but the next questions I'm going to ask you are a little bit harder. I just hope that it really hurts your brain. Hahahahaha!! If you get at least one answer wrong then you will never escape my kingdom," the King said.
Here is your question. What is the answer of (-15) - (+27)?
"The answer is -42," Bino said."I can't believe that you also got that anwer right," said the King.
Well, here is your last and final question. What is the answer of (-10) + (-8) + (+6) - (+2)? You have to show me how you got the answer too.
"That is so easy, the answer is -14," Bino said.

"Ugh! You got all the anwers right which means you can now escape this kingdom of mine, but you can visit if you want," the King said.

" I'll only visit if you don't ask me anymore questions," Bino said.

"Fine I won't ask anymore questions," the King said.

"Bye," Bino said.

"Bye," the King said.

Now Bino's adventure is over, well, for now anyways.

The End


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