Smitty and His Adventure Part 1

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time there was a boy named Smitty. He was a very odd boy. He knew things. Very strange things. Their was a rumor that he wasn't from earth. That was true, but he never told anyone. One day he was at school, in math class, his teacher was teaching them about integers. Smitty was very smart so he learned it quickly. After school he felt something was happening in his real world. All of a sudden he summoned a vortex and he jumped in it. He ended up in a mystical world. It was called Math Bottom. Math was very popular here. He went home and his parents were there. They all used magic. His dad Smitty Sr. told him that he had to go on a quest. His dad said that they had discovered something. They discovered that somewhere in their world there is a magical wand. Whoever harnesses it will instantly become the most powerful being in the universe. Smitty accepted the quest, but after he gets a good night rest.

Smitty woke up. He asked his dad where to start. He said to start at the forest near the river. Smitty left and went to the forest. There was a gate there. He couldn't get passed it. Then a little fairy popped up. Smitty asked if she could open the gate. The fairy said he had to answer a simple math question. The question is (-5) + (+6). Smitty already knew this. He learned in his math class. Smitty knew the answer right away. He used money to answer the question. He answered (+1).The fairy said he could enter, but first the fairy asked if he was going on a quest. Smitty said yes. The fairy told him to go into the deep into the forest until he sees a ocean. Smitty followed her directions.

He started to walk. There was many trees surronding him. he heard lots of strange noises, but he ignored them. The ocean he saw was far away. All of a sudden something jumped on him. He fell on the ground. It was a mutant creature. Smitty asked why it jumped on him. It said he can't get past that point until he answers a simple question. The question is (+9) + (-9). Smittty used a algebra tiles to answer this question. Smitty anwsered 0. The creature said correct. Smitty carried on with his quest.

Smitty finally got to the ocean. He didn't know how to get across the ocean, until another fairy popped up. Smitty asked the fairy how to get across the ocean? The fairy said she will tell him after he answers 1 question. The question is (-3) + (-3). Smitty used a number line to answer this. Smitty answered (-6). The fairy grabbed his hand and they started to fly across the ocean. the fairy dropped down to the other side and disappeared.

Smitty sees a large cave. Smitty walked inside. There was a little frog sitting there. The frog started to talk. It said to go to the deepest point of the cave and there will be an exit. He went further into the cave. Out of no where a huge cage drops on top of him. He was trapped. Then a bat came flying down. The bat turned into a vampire. The vampire said if he wants to get out he has to answer a question. The question was (-2) + (-8). Smitty answered (-10). The cage disappered and the vampire turned into a bat, and flew away.

to be continued...

Smitty and his Adventure Part 2

After it left Smitty got up and Started to walk forwards. He didn't know how far he had to walk. 15 minutes passed by and he still wasn't there. Smitty was lost. He know he couldn't let his parents down so he started to walk again. He saw a light in the distance. He started to run to it. As he got closer he realized it was the exit of the cave. WHen he finally got there he walked right into an invisible wall. He screamed to see if anyone was there. All of a sudden the frog appeared. The frog said "I see you have found the exit to this cave, but if you want to get out you have to answer this question". (-5) - (5). Smitty's fater told him that subraction is just a myth, so he added the opposite. He answered -10. The frog said correct and he shut the power off. Then the invisible wall dissapeared. Smitty walked out.

Once he got out of the cave he went on with his quest. Then another fairy appeared. The fairy said to Smitty " your almost there". Smitty asked her where to got. She said to go up the mountain. Smitty said " but that will take forever". The fairy said " well then you better hurry". the fairy dissapered. Smitty started to climb the mountain He knew it was dangerous. Later that day ig got really dark. Smiity found a place to sleep. The next day he woke up. He was very hungry, but there was bo where to get food. He was only half way up the mountain. 3 hours passed and he was almost there. Out of no where a huge rock hit him in the arm and he started to fall. He said he was gonna die. All of a sudden everything froze. Nothing was moving. The fairy popped up again. She said you are about to die , but i can save you if you answer this simple question. The question is (5) - (6). Smitty knew he had to add the oppostie. He said -1. The fairy said correct. Next thing you know he is at the top of the mountain.

Smitty saw a bush of berries. Smitty ran to it. He was gonna grab one until he heard a voice. It was a little miget. The miget said " get away from my berry bush or I'm gonna slap you silly". Smitty said "may I please heve some"? The miget said only if you if you anwser this simple question. (-5)-(-2)+(4). Smitty said OMG. Smitty had to think about this one. Smitty answered 1. Then the miget said you may have 3. Smitty ate them in 1 second. Smitty asked for some more but the miget said no. The miget gave him a bag of cheetos though.

After Smitty was done eating he saw a huge tresure chest. He knew the wand was in there. He ran to it. There was a question on it. It said (2)-(-2)+(2). Smitty knew the answer. He said the answer is 6. The chest opened. Inside was a a wand. Smitty grabbed it. All of a sudden he woke up. He was just having a dream. H woke up in his desk at school with an F sitting in front of him. He just failed a test.

The End..


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    It's a good story, but there aren't any pictures.

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