Carlton's Money

Friday, October 24, 2008
It all started in a school called St. Kings. There was a kid named Carlton Lock, who was in grade 7 and the smartest kid in the school. The school was full of bully's in grade 7, 8, and 9 and they all wanted to pick on Carlton for being such a nerd. One day Carlton went to school and his first class was Math, after the announcements the teacher told him to answer an integer question, "if a monkey had twelve bananas and gave his friend seven bananas and then found 5 bananas how many will the monkey have ?(+12) + (-7) + (+5) = 12. After Carlton got the answer the teacher went on and asked him to do a bunch of more questions, and told the class that we use this kind of math in our every day lives, and Carlton didn't believe him one bit and said "I bet you I wont use any of these kind of questions today"., then the teacher said "i bet you $5, you'll go through at least 2 integer question until next class", and then Carlton said the bet was on.

After school Carlton was walking home and a bully named Andy showed up and said "give me your money" then Carlton told him he didn't have any at the time. Andy told him if he doesn't give him $20 at school until 4:00pm he's going to kill him the next day. Then Carlton Panicked and ran home. When he was at home he looked in his piggy-bank and found $30, so he ran back to school at 3:50 and gave the bully $20 so that only gives him $10 left. (+30) + (-20) = $10. After, Andy smiled and said he wont beat him up until next Monday.

When Carlton went home he found out that his parents was still at work, and his baby brother is at his grandparents house. Then Carlton started getting really hungry, so he went to the fridge and there was no food at all, so Carlton couldn't take the pain much longer, so he went to the store and tried to get himself some food until his mom and dad got home. When he was in the store he only brought his $10 and after a while Carlton couldn't find anything until he came across a deal that was perfect, it was 3 pizza pops for $5.00, (+10) + (-5) = 5. After he went straight home because it was really dark.

The next day Carlton went to school and he was planning to get a new video game for after school for $35 dollars because every second Tuesday he gets his $30 dollar allowance. After the morning classes were over Carlton went home for lunch because he didn't want to spend any money. When he was at home his mom asked Carlton if she can borrow $30 dollars for grocery then Carlton was really mad, so the mom said she'll pay him on Friday. After lunch time Carlton only had $5.00 and he was mad ever since 5Th period, because the class was Math and it was his favourite subject. After the math class the teacher asked him if he went through 2 integer questions, once you know it, all of his money was gone. (+5) + (-5) = 0


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