Erika's Monokuro Boo Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008
One hot sunny summer day, Monokuro called Boo to ask if she wanted to eat lunch with him.
“Do you want to have lunch with me?” said Monokuro.
"Sure! I'll call you when I'm ready. bye."
Monokuro ran out of bed and got ready, But Boo took two hours to get ready, and it was already 2 pm! Monokuro calls Boo several times to ask if she was done, but she was too busy getting ready. Half an hour later, Monokuro calls Boo and says..
"Hey Boo! I'm done are you?"
Monokuro sighs. He was so relieved, he was so hungry that he could eat anything. Anything!

So Monokuro picks Boo up, and off they went to the restaurant. But when they got there they also had to wait thirty minutes to get a seat. When they got a seat Monokuro was so relieved.
"Finally!" Monokuro said.
Monokuro ordered a bowl of alphabet soup because he loved alphabets, and Boo ordered a boring salad. Boo also ordered a giant potato, she had a thing for potatoes. Monokuro saw the alphabet soup and found out that it wasn't alphabet soup.
"What is this rubbish?!" He yelled at the waiter.

"Why sir, we're out of alphabets, can you just eat the numbers?"
Monokuro looks down at his soup, there he saw some numbers. He didn't like numbers he liked alphabets, but he didn't mind because he was so hungry. Before Monokuro ate his soup he looked over at Boo, she already started eating her potato she was eating it like an apple but that potato was giant! Then, he finally took a sip of the soup, then all of a sudden he noticed that the numbers in the soup was actually a question.

The question was (+9) + (-4) = ?

While Monokuro was trying to solve the question, Boo went to go to the washroom to go wash her hands, and while she was washing her hands, she couldn't turn the water off and it was overflowing. When she was going to dry her hands, a sheet of paper came out with a math question. and it said;
"To stop the water from overflowing, you MUST answer this integer question!"
So Boo leaves the washroom with the integer question. Since Monokuro knew all about integers, and Boo decided to ask him for help.
"Hey Monokuro, you know a lot about integers, do you mind helping me with this one?" Boo asked.
"No of course I don't mind! what is it?" Monokuro replied.
Monokuro wrote the question down, and together they tried figuring what the answer was.

The question was; (+5)+(+7)=?

After Monokuro and Boo ate lunch Monokuro asked Boo where she wanted to go.
"Hey Boo, where do you wanna go?" Monokuro said.
"Hm, I'd like to go shopping, did you want to come with me Monokuro?"
"Oh sure! let's go :)"

So Monokuro and Boo went to the Mall of Asia to do some shopping. Boo wanted to go to the brand name stores and Monokuro wanted to go to the stores with all the anime stuff. Monokuro loved anime, and Boo loved brand name clothes. So they went their seperate ways and decided to meet up at the food court at 5 pm. So Boo and Monokuro went shopping, and while Monokuro was looking at how much the prices of the comic books were, he was trying to see how much he would get back if the book was 35 and he was going to pay with a 50. So Monokuro writes it down,


have 50 and owe 35= +15.

So after Monokuro buys the comic book, he went to the food court to meet Boo. Monokuro and Boo were so tired from shopping! So Boo asked if Monokuro could drop her off home so she could rest, and Monokuro dropped her home, and Monokuro went home as well, reading his new comic book.

To Be Continued..


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