Shubert the Integer Frog

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time, there was a frog named Shubert. He was a very intelligent frog. He was the smartest in his frog community. Shubert lived by a pond with his wife and children. His wife was Beauty and his children were Fred and Wilma. They were all happy until Shubert was asked by an elder frog to help him on his quest to find cookies. Shubert was very sad about leaving his family but he knew that he can help the elder frog on his quest. But in order to join the elder frog he had to answer one integer question. He had to use integer tiles for this question. Colored tiles equal +1 and non-colored tiles equal -1. The question was (+5)+(-9).
Shubert answered -4 as the answer and the elder frog just smiled and said let us get on our way now. Shubert started to say goodbye and give hugs to his family. The elder frog was laughing because Shubert had forgotten to pack. Shubert turned all red when the elder frog mentioned it. When Shubert was packing the things he needed to survive on the short journey, he came across an old suitcase. In order to open that suitcase he needed to answer another integer question. The question was (+2)+(+2).

Now that Shubert had figured out the answer to the question it was time to leave for his journey with the elder frog. They went through a forest. They were jumping on a pathway that was in the middle of the forest. While they were walking the elder frog told Shubert his name. His name was Mark. Mark told Shubert more about his quest to find the cookies. Mark told him that he needed a very smart person to get past some obstacles. He wants the cookies because if you eat them you get to live forever. Shubert was amazed at what Mark has told him. Shubert now also wanted to take part in eating the cookies. After a little while of walking through the forest, they came across a huge rock that was blocking the pathway. The rock had some writing on it and it said, "In order to get past this rock you need to answer the integer question that is mentioned below." Shubert couldn't believe that he had to answer another question. The question wasn't really hard. It was just (-5)+(+5).

Shubert knew that the answer was 0 because he had the same question for his mid-term exam when he was in froggy high school. When Shubert yelled out the answer the rock broke in half and gave way to Shubert and Mark. Shubert and Mark will now have to climb a huge mountain that will lead them to a door and behind that door is where the cookies were. When they came to the mountain they had to climb, Shubert didn't know what to do because he didn't have anything to help him climb the humongous mountain. Luckily, Mark had some toilet plungers to help them climb. Shubert was the first to make it to the top after a 45 minute climb and Mark came 30 minutes after him. Shubert felt sorry for the old frog, for he was sweating like a pig. When Mark started to breathe like he usually does, they walked up to the door. The door was quite small actually; it was as small as Mark and Shubert. They knocked on the door and the door began to speak. It said, "In order to get the everlasting cookies behind me you have to answer this integer question. If you get it right, then you will get the cookies. But, if you get it wrong, I will push you off the mountain." The question was (+2)+(-1).
Shubert got the answer right and the door opened. Shubert and Mark were dancing with joy when they got into the door. They both took a bite of one cookie out a trillion cookies. They decided to bring some of the cookies home. But, in order to get home they had to get through the same obstacles they had to get past. They had to get through the door again, but, this time they had to answer a subtraction question. The question was hard. It was (-15)-(15).
Shubert got the answer right anf the door opened for them to exit. They climbed down the mountain again but Mark arrived 2 hours after Shubert had touched the ground. When he got down they both started to walk to the forest. When they got to the middle of the forest they came across to big rock that was blocking the pathway again. Shubert was not happy that he had to answer another question but he knew he had to. The question was (+10)-(-10)+(+5).
Shubert answered the question right and the rock cracked open again for Mark and Shubert to get past. When they arrived in the community they gave a cookie to everyone they saw including Shubert's and Mark's family members. Including their pets. They all took a bit of a cookie and they all lived happily ever after. THE END!


  1. Austin 8/17 said...

    hey everybody, I am going to make my self comment here because I already published my story. Well, I think I did very well job on this story. I decided to finish it early because I had nothing else to do for homework. I have made a few changes to my story because some parts didn't make sense to me.
    I also finished my story on our first part of the story because I didn't catch when Mr. Harbeck said to us that it was only our first part. Well, this is all folks. Comment on this if you have time. Please and Thankyou!=D

    October 29, 2008 at 11:11 PM  

  2. alyannaL 8-17 said...

    Rinorm , your story is so long. I don't want to read it all, but I've read some and you you have some errors. Like wrong use of words and I think one of your sentences don't make sense. But anyways good-job with you story :) .

    November 7, 2008 at 8:36 PM  

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