The Adventure Kirby

Friday, October 24, 2008
It starts with a pink sphere named Kirby. He was sleeping in a tree in space on a floating island. An item appeared out of nowhere it says " to use this gun you must answer this integer question (457)+ (223) and shoot the ammo on the block for your next mission". He answered 680, he shot it at the block and a letter came out, its said "go to the kingdom, and find a flower that has a face." He didn't what all of these things mean but he just listen what the note says.

When he went to the Kingdom Mario and Luigi pops out of nowhere and attacked him. They said "To let you pass us you must answer this super hard question." (123)+(-103), Quickly as two seconds he answers positive twenty as his answer. The two bothers gasped and purposely fell down the Kingdom. Kirby went to the flower and said "what is negative two plus negative ninety-eight" it was another riddle so he answered negative one hundred, the flower activated, he picked it up and shot it at anything so that something blew up. And something did, he got another letter it said" you have come this far challenger but your just a half way there, now here is your mission fight Giga Bowser and cure him then the original one shall give you a letter." So he quested off to find him.

It was very hard to find him but some guy in a robe and a purple tail showed him, that purple tailed freak showed his real face, it was Mewtwo, then out of nowhere Ganondorf behind Ganondorf Giga Bowser! Giga Bowser said " HAR HAR HAR, YOU ARE THE CHALLENGER THAT I'M SUPPOSE TO FIGHT, THIS IS VERY PATHETIC, NOW FOR EVERY ANSWER YOU SHALL GET CORRECT YOU SHALL HIT ME UNTILL I AM IN MY ORIGINAL FORM, YOU HAVE 5 QUESTIONS NOW BEGIN" So Giga Bowser gave him questions, they were (1)+(1) then (2)+(-3), (4)+(4), (9)+(-100) lastly (100)-(-3). He answers 2, -1, 8, -91, the last one was tough, he remembered subtracting always is the opposite of adding so he answered 103. Giga Bowser was shocked, then Kirby hit him and his team. His team went flying off as Giga Bowser stayed at the plat form and changed to its original form. Bowser gave him a letter and walked off quietly without saying something. Kirby reads the letter it says, "Bravo, you have two more missions to complete, now just go to a place called Metroid and meet with a woman named Samus.

Kirby knew of a place called metroid because it was beside his world. He travelled their by his star warp. Kirby saw her, Samus says "your the challenger? Oh well, now you must have a target practice with me. Here are the rules, there are only one question for you on the the targets I have placed, but if you get the target wrong 3 times you shall be pushed by the explosion by the target to the hot lava and you will be exstiguished. Be extremely cautious." Kirby was terrified so he just did it. The first one was wrong and exploded hugely, the second one was a smaller explosion. He thought in between those explosions of big and small was a middle one and the question so he blew up target number 7 and it was right. The integer question was (1098)+ (-305) it was a tough one, in a minute he answers 793. That answer was correct and came out a letter. It says"Well done, the last mission will be facing me, but you must build a time machine with 3 problems to work it and you shall see the surprise."

Kirby was so exited that he was jumping all around, Samus gave him a teleporting scroll to go where the time machine is but to activate this scroll you'll have to answer a problem, the problem is what is an integer. Kirby says "an integer is numbers that is a positive negative number and zero" the scroll activates and teleported him. Kirby saw the broken machine with a note saying"well...... Just fix it" and appears a set of problems which reads (-1) + (-2)+ (-3) then (-4) +(-5) + (-6) lastly (-900)+(700) +(-800) Kirby answered the first two negative six and negative fifteen in a flash, but the last one took him so long about two seconds that he answers negative 2400. The answers that he put in was correct and sent him back in time.

When he was sent back in time he saw D.K sitting for Kirby, "Let us eat" D.K says. Kirby was surprised at the prize and said "the number one thing that I like to do is eat, this is the best prize ever." With D.K's muscles he opened the party box and food came out. Both of them ate until it was empty and went back to the present time.


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