Lucky Day

Friday, October 24, 2008
It was 3:00 in the afternoon and it was thundering outside, John was home alone. His parents went to work, they don't get back until 10:00 at night. So John was wondering around the house looking for something to do. He went to his bedroom and picked out some movies to watch. So he was resting, watching the scary movies he rented a day ago. John was getting really hungry, so he went to the kitchen and tried to look for something to eat. He was out of food, but he realized he had 20 dollars he saved up about a week ago. So John went out to a store to get something to bite. To get there he had to take a bus. The bus cost 2 dollars, John wanted to get home with the exact of 15 dollars. So John made it to the store with 18 left from the bus. He had to find something that was 3 dollars or less, but he realized he also needed money to get back home. ( + 20) + ( - 2 ) = 18.

John only had 18 dollars left in his pocket. He walked around the store with a opened mind. So if he only had 18 dollars and 2 dollars to get back home he'd only have 16 . ( + 18 ) + ( - 2 ) = 16. But like i said, John had to go home with exact 15 dollars. He wondered around the store looking for food that cost 1 dollar, everything was 2 dollars and up. John didn't know what to do ..

A few moments later he realized, there was another food store near this one. The store there was called ''Better Deal'' So John decided to walk there and see how much that cost. He went in and walked around for a bit. '' It's a better deal here'' he said walking around. Everything was on sale for 1:50 to 3:50. John only could buy something for a dollar. He was confused, thinking what he was going to do, walking around with his head down. Suddenly he bumped into this girl, the girl said '' I'm sorry '' and John said '' no , its okay '' They both smiled at each other. John introduced himself, and the girl said '' my names Anne '' John said it's a nice name with a smile on his face. They both walked around together. After awhile John realized he still had to buy something, so he asked Anne if there was anything here for 1:00 ? Anne said '' there's a medium box of chips for 99 cents '' John smiled and asked '' where '' but Anne also said she took the last box. The smile on John's face disappeared. But Anne smiled and said '' Here, just take the one i bought '' John was to nice to take it, but John saw Anne's '' take it or else '' look, so he did. John said thanks. ( + 16 ) + ( - 0 ) = 16. John's day was pretty good, he still had 16 dollars left.

He just had to figure out how he was going to get home. It was 5:32 and he's thinking if there's any bus coming or not. A bus came. He had 16 dollars he had to have exact 15 when he comes home. So he went to a bus and was short a dollar. Everyone was looking at him all weird. John was embarrassed but luckily Anne was behind him and gave him a extra dollar. They both looked at each other and smiled . Anne and John sat beside each other in the bus. John was staring outside the window, saying to himself '' what a lucky day ''

The End ..


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