Ninja's always win?

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Once apon a time in an anime world, Jane and Rosie were hanging out after school. They saw a $100.00 dollar bill on the ground. Jane quickly picked it up, turned, and looked at Rosie. They both excitedly said " Shopping!" . But all of the sudden, they were in Tom's room, one of there classmates. Tom thinks to himself "Why are they in my room?" And Tom looks over at his pillow and notices an envelope with the title "Top secret" Tom say aloud. "What does it say?" asked Rosie very excited. " (-4) + (-5) =. Then it goes quiet, "-9" yells Rosie. "Right?" Tom doing the math in his head says "yeah I think your right" Jane now sitting on Tom's bed confused just looks at them. Then a magical thing started to happen the room started to shake and all at once they were in a forest filled with flowers everywhere trees hunreds of years old. All of them scared not knowing where they are, hear a nosie coming from the deepest most darkest part of the forest. Jane whispers to Tom in fear " what is that nosie?" Tom replies trembling "I don't know?" . And then a Ninja pops out of nowhere and says "yes you are correct the answer is -9" "whew" the three teenages say relieved. Then Rosie askes " Do you have anything to do with this?" "with what?" the Ninja replys " with the fact that we're lost in the forest or that Jane and I were tella whatever into Tom's bedroom?" Tella whatever?, oh you mean tellaported then yes and if you ever want to go home you will do as I say and follow or play by my rules." said the Ninja very sneaky like. " what do you mean play by your rules or else we don't go home?" Tom said angerly. "well, you are in my world now if you want I can take you anywhere and you will be under my control, you can't leave my world untill you finish all of the integer questions." "WHAT!" said the three teenages now all mad. " The Ninja thinks to himself " I think it's time for me to go" and just like that the Ninja was gone. Jane, Tom, and Rosie still very angry and confused see a huge money bag sitting in front of them and thought" what is with this Ninja is he good or bad? " But when they opened it all they saw was this

Jane thought they were crackes but they didn't taste like a cracker. " Take that out of your mouth, there integers chips." Tom exclaimed. Rosie picked up the note that was attached to it and read it aloud : "use these integer chips to solve your this question, (+3) + (-5)=. So as Rosie was reading it Tom made a picture that looked like this:

Jane said "there's -2 left over does that mean it's -2 ?" Then all at once Jane, Tom, and Rosie were on a beach and the Ninja came to meet them once again and this time he gave them a question himself " (+3) + (+7) =. use a number line to explain this one" and again he was gone like that. So Rosie drew a number line in the sand and it looked like this :

Rosie said "the answer is +10". And once again they were in another place. But this time they were on an old almost broken, unstable bridge over a volcano! And again the Ninja came and said "this is your last adding integer question, then you can go home, (+10) + (-10)=. oh, and this time use money you know I have and I owe" Rosie said "I have $11.00" and Tom said "and you owe me $10.00" "Oh, I know this one" said Jane upon saying that the bridge broke and the three teenagers started to fall heading right for the molton lava. Jane screamed "POSITIVE 1!!" ........

To be continued.......


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